Find greater happiness and success.

Take the right turn

I can help you create and follow your own unique career path in order to find greater happiness and success. Sometimes this means creating and leveraging opportunities in your current organization, and sometimes this means taking a right turn.

Build a vision for yourself

I’ll work with you to create a compelling vision that excites you, motivates you, and gives perspective and purpose to your professional life.  And then, I’ll help you successfully navigate the challenges on your new road, helping you achieve your goals faster.

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About your coach - Curt Wang

Curt Wang Curt Wang
Executive Coach

Helping you succeed even faster

Previously in my 20+ year marketing career, my passion was mentoring, managing, coaching and teaching business professionals. Today, I specialize in helping smart, successful, positive and creative professionals and executives to be their best selves and create self-actualizing careers. The people I get to coach are fun, creative and intellectually engaging. I am honored to be a part of your journey.

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