What is a Bold Career?

A bold career is a career where you are on the path to your true calling. Found at the intersection of your strengths, passions, experience and expertise, it is a self-actualizing career that reflects your personal mission. Building your bold career is hard and yet ironically, when you are truly working in the right career for you, the hard work is easy.

Importance of pursuing a bold career

The conventional path is safe and financially predictable. Your current job may be financially rewarding, others recognize how good you are, and your organization really values you. Ironically, being successful keeps you from being even more successful.

Pushing your dreams aside can erode your spirit. Your creative side is telling you it’s time to make the leap. By your nature, your goals will be big. Whether creating your own game changing position in a corporation, going into business for yourself, changing careers, or focusing on other dimensions in your life, what you have in mind is an adventure into the unknown. It’s a bit exhilarating and a bit scary.

Coaching can provide the momentum needed to pursue your ideal career and then help accelerate your success once you are living it.

Getting perspective on your strengths and areas of development, getting guidance on your short and long term challenges, having an experienced executive as a sounding board, and creating strategies to reach your goals, will accelerate your personal and professional growth.

In addition, developing a clear vision of who you are and what you want will empower you to advance your career.  Ironically, previously frustrated clients ready to leave their organizations have then been able to find an exciting path within their current organizations once they gained a deeper understanding of what they were looking for.

Have you reached a point in your career where you know it’s time to make a change?  For many successful professionals, success in your current position can keep you in your comfort zone.  Whether it’s leaving starting a new career, starting a new business, leaving for a new company or taking on a new position, major change is hard.

We’ll work together to define and clarify your vision and to create your plan.  Most importantly, we’ll work together to help you develop the courage to make the leap.

You’ve made the leap.  You’re in your ideal career.  But a dream job isn’t easy; a dream job is an exciting growth experience filled with responsibility and challenges.  Whether you are an executive in a major organization or an entrepreneur building your new business, your goals will be high and your challenges will difficult.  We will work together on tackling the challenges on your path and help you grow into an even stronger, more confident and even more successful business professional.