Is your company or department undertaking a major change initiative: a restructure, strategic change in direction, new vision, merger, acquisition or split?

 Thriving in Times of Change

Understanding, managing and leading change

(Offered as an hour long presentation to a half-day workshop presented by Executive Coach and Change Leadership Expert Curt Wang)

“Change is the only constant.”Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher

The pace of change in Corporate America has never been faster. One would be hard pressed to find an executive or manager from any major organization who isn’t challenged by significant changes such as new competitors, a major restructure, a rapidly shifting customer base or disruptive innovations.  Constant change is here to stay.

Managed well, change presents new and exciting opportunities for individual growth and can create a more engaged and competitive workforce.  Managed poorly, change can take a toll on individuals and the company overall, resulting in loss of productivity, low morale and high resistance.  In this program, participants will learn tips and tools to thrive as individuals who are impacted by change, and strategies for managers and leaders to successfully lead change.

Who should attend:

  • Staff members impacted by change gain a greater understanding how change affects each of us as individuals and how to accept, process and even embrace change.
  • Leaders charged with change learn principles for leading change efforts: how to increase buy-in, decrease anxiety and reduce change resistance.
  • Managers coaching others through change learn how to engage staff members in successful change conversations.

During this program, attendees will learn:

  • Models for understanding the impact of change and our responses
  • Challenges and barriers to effective change
  • Tips for being more resilient in times of change
  • The importance of seeing change as a process, not an event
  • How change can lead to opportunities for individuals
  • Why flexibility and adaptability are skills in high demand
  • Tips for managing and coaching others through change
  • How to effectively build support for change initiatives
  • The importance of capturing both hearts and minds
  • Principles for successfully communicating change efforts