Through the coaching process, we will work together to make the most of your talents and skills in order to achieve your professional and life goals. You’ll learn how to better leverage your strengths, build your expertise and become a stronger professional in order to make your personal vision and goals come true.

The specific focus of each coaching session can range from solving an immediate personal or business challenge to helping you determine and achieve a new major life goal. We will focus on the issues most important to you.

Coaching Focus Areas


  • Identifying your passions
  • Leveraging your strengths
  • Shoring up weaknesses
  • Crystallizing your vision
  • Creating your plan
  • Summoning the courage to make the leap
  • Creating life and work balance
  • Improving relationships


  • Sharpening business strategy
  • Navigating organization politics
  • Selling and business development
  • Improving leadership and management
  • Seeing the¬†executive perspective

During the Coaching Process

  • I will listen to what you say and to listen for who you are.
  • We will discover who you want to become both personally and professionally.
  • I will challenge your thinking and broaden your perspectives.
  • I will offer insights, inklings, perspectives, and suggestions.
  • We will create bold strategies and tactics.
  • I¬†will make big requests.
  • We will celebrate your success.

Coaching Sessions

Clients typically have two 50-minute sessions per month on an on-going basis. However, different arrangements can be made to meet your needs. The coaching relationships can be suspended or ended at any time by the client – no explanations required. A client must feel absolutely comfortable with his or her coach and the value provided.

The coaching relationship begins with an exploratory face-to-face or telephone coaching session, which is confidential and without obligation. In general, telephone coaching sessions will be the norm, however face-to-face sessions can be accommodated. All sessions are kept strictly confidential.