Thriving in Times of Change

Understanding, managing and leading change

The pace of change in Corporate America has never been faster. One would be hard pressed to find an executive or manager from any major organization who isn’t being directly impacted by significant changes such as new competitors, a major restructure, a rapidly shifting customer base or disruptive innovations. Continue reading

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Building Your Personal Brand

5th Annual Corporate Leadership Conference

People place greater value on the brands that they love. Nike communicates best in class sports performance. Crest communicates quality dental care. The same is true for your personal brand. Continue reading

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Next Level Presentation Skills

10 principles for creating presentations that more effectively influence your audience

Often when one thinks of presentation skills, the focus is on the fundamentals of speaking. Topics like outlines, eye contact, reducing non-words (the ahs and the ums) and rehearsal come to mind. It is important for one to learn these techniques to be proficient at relating information to an audience. Continue reading

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Effective Change Leadership

Gathering support to move your bold initiatives forward

A leader in today’s challenging business environment needs to move bold initiatives forward that help the organization become more competitive. However it can be challenging for individuals to push forward bold new ideas and initiatives in large organizations, especially those initiatives that require change, adaptation and buy‐in from a variety of individuals, departments and levels. Continue reading

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CEO of Your Career

Taking ownership of your career path

Becoming the CEO of your career is a mindset. It used to be that you were hired by a company and followed a prescribed path rung by rung up the corporate ladder. But today, a rapidly changing business environment and a challenging economy means that nothing is predictable as companies adapt to meet evolving customer needs. Continue reading

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